In Depth: 
Speaker Type : Bone Conduction Technology Speaker
Play Time : 6 Hours (Depending On Usage)
Charging Time : Within 3 Hours
Standby Time : 10 Days
Effective Range : 10meters (33 Feet)
Bluetooth Version : 3.0+EDR
Dimensions: 145 X 145 Mm
Weight: 43g/1.5 Ounces



  • Trendy And Stylish, Ear-Free Listening
  • Connects Via Bluetooth; Answer And End Calls Through The Headset
  • Perfect For Use While Driving, Exercising, And At Work
  • Ideal For People With Partial Hearing Loss; Helps Reduce Hearing Loss


Invented By Beethoven! 
Bone Conduction Was Discovered By Ludwig Van Beethoven, The Famous 18th Century Composer Who Was Almost Deaf. Audiova Pushes The Boundaries Of This Amazing Technology By Bypassing Your Eardrums And Transmitting Sound To Your Inner Ear Via Mini-Vibrations Through The Bones Of Your Skull.

Safe Ear-Free Listening 
Audiova’s Unique Design Ensures That You’re Totally Aware Of Ambient Sound. This Is Particularly Helpful While Driving, Helping You Remain Conscious Of Your Surroundings, Including Vehicular And Pedestrian Traffic. The Built-In Volume And Call Answer/End Controls Ensure That You Don’t Have To Reach For Your Phone Every Time It Rings Or Just To Pause/Skip A Song.

Jog, Run, Cycle, Work With Your Favorite Tunes! 
Listening To Music Through Headphones While Running Or Cycling Can Be Dangerous. It Is Important To Be Able To Hear Sounds From Traffic And Pedestrians. Audiova Lets You Enjoy Your Music Without Having To Remove Your Headphones Or Worry About Sweat Or Water Damaging Them.

Amazing Underwater Headphones 
Audiova Are The One Of The First Waterproof Headphones That Do Not Require Listening Through Your Ears. With Bone Conduction Technology, You Can Listen To Music Through Your Cheekbones With No Decrease In Sound Quality When Your Ears Are Blocked By Water. Now Break The Dull Monotony Of Laps With Some Great Swim Music And Without Worrying About Cords Getting In Your Way.

A New Way To Hear! 
As Most Cases Of Hearing Loss Are Due To Damaged Eardrums, People With Partial Hearing Loss May Be Able To Hear Clearly Again With Audiova—Without A Hearing Aid—Since Bone Conduction Does Not Use The Eardrum. Audiova Is Also Perfect For People Who Cannot Use Earbuds Due To Ear Deformities, Prosthetic Ears, Hearing Aids, Etc.

Reduces Hearing Loss 
One Of The Main Reasons For Hearing Loss Is Listening To Loud Sounds, Especially For Extended Periods Of Time. Audiova Protects Your Eardrums By Bypassing Them And Transmitting Sound To Your Inner Ears.

Trendy & Stylish Yet Comfortable 
With The Audiova, There’s Nothing Ever In, On Or Covering Your Ears. The Lightweight And Secure-Fit Design Allows You To Wear The Headset All Day Long, As If They’re Barely There.

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